A Devotional Journal for Mothers

For Mothers Who Treasure The Bond with Their Children

If you’re a working mom, you know how much it hurts to leave your baby.

You tell yourself it’s the same way for every new mother… It was the same for your mom too.

You’ll always have an indescribable bond with your child, even if life gets in the way…

…but what if you could strengthen the connection with your child while you made a living for you and your family?

My name is Arnitris Strong and I know exactly how it feels to have to leave your child and go back to work. It’s a private hurt no one else can
understand… even your closest friends and loved ones. I also understand the pain of making decisions your child doesn’t like. The sting of rolled eyes and slammed doors.

Four years ago, I started a devotional journal I called “Dear Butterfly.”

I created that journal because I knew there would come a day when my daughter would question the decisions I made when she was too young  to fully understand them.

Rather than try to explain years later, I wanted an intimate, immediate connection she could keep for the rest of her life… something she could reflect upon when she becomes a young mother and I no longer understand her pain and struggles.

Dear Butterfly was filled with stories of love… loss… pain… healing… forgiveness… and friendship.

As I wrote … I wished my mother had created something like it for me.

And I thought about all the moms out there in the world who might want a deeper connection… an unbreakable tie… something their own children can look back on when their mother is no longer young or scared or innocent or sometimes even happy.

That’s why I created the Dear Butterfly journal.


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It is filled with scriptures, prayers, observations, ideas, and answers. Nourishment for you… and the bond you’re building with your child.
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Author Emily Griffin said, “Love is the sum of our choices, the strength of our commitments, the ties that bind us together.”

Immortalize your life and love today with the Dear Butterfly devotional journal.

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