Pattern for Success:

Materials 2 yards Faith

1 yard Fearlessness

Notions: Family


Kathleen Collins Williams


Take 2 yards of faith, along with 1 yard of fearlessness and adorn them with the notions of family and sew them all together with love. You don’t know how to sew? That makes this success story even sweeter. You don’t need to have all the skills necessary to succeed when you are walking in your purpose. This month’s mom MVP is the ageless beauty Kathleen Williams. Do you believe she is also a grandmother?! Kathleen is the CEO and Founder of Night Life Hair Wrap, a company committed to ensuring that women’s tresses are cared for while they sleep. She ensures this by using the finest of materials. Your boo won’t mind that you climb into bed wearing one of her designs because all of Kathleen’s products are beautiful to look upon. Kathleen discusses her pattern for success and the importance of acting in faith when pursuing greatness.

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BBTT: I would imagine that most men hate to see their better halves in hair bonnets or scarves at bedtime. Our nighttime hair rituals are important for healthy hair. Would you explain the process that led to the creation of Night Life Hair Wrap?

KW: The concept of a “beautiful bed time hair wrap” was truly a gift from God! I am a trained interior decorator and during the economy down turn of 2010, my design business was suffering and I was consciously looking for a way to sustain my business but was open to new ideas. I became interested in bed time hair wraps after hearing a popular male radio host make some disparaging comments about how women look in their bed time hair wraps. Then a few months later, my hairstylist told me a funny story about her husband and his opinion of hair wraps. I put these comments in the back of my mind until one morning in January, 2011; I woke up with hair wraps on my mind! I believe it had to be God telling me ”You need to make a pretty one” I was so compelled to make one…..I made my way to a fabric store…purchased the fabric and notions that I thought would work for the wrap. I placed all the items down on my bed, along with paper and pencil and said “God, if this is you…you’ll have to show me how to do this…as you know God, I can’t sew”!!! By the end of the day, I created my first wrap and I was on my way to a new career!

BBTT: With the creation of your hair wraps, you have joined the growing ranks of mompreneurs. As a mother and grandmother, what advice would you offer to mothers about balancing the demands of running a business and a household?

KW: First of all you must be committed to your business and its success. Make your plan clear as to what the end purpose is…..Financial gain? Personal gratification? Helping others? Based on what you want your business to be in your life, you’ll need to determine how this will affect your family. How much time can you spare from your mother/wife duties to devote to your business? It’s important that the time you devote to either family or business, you will need to give it your total focus. You must keep your priorities straight and execute stringent time management.

BBTT: How did you settle upon the name Night Life Hair Wrap?

KW: I played around with names trying to come up with something different. I settled upon it based on the fact that our hair does affect our lives not only during the day as we try to look our best. The “nightlife” of our hair needs tender loving care and attention too!

BBTT: In this fluctuating economy, it is sometimes difficult to sustain a business. It is hard not to compare yourself to other companies. How do you measure success for your company?

KW: When I first started my business, I believe I had unrealistic financial goals and would constantly compare myself to companies that had instant monetary success and I felt failure often. As time has passed, I have reassessed what I consider my success. I enjoy the fact that I have brought a fashionable and superior hair wrap to the hundreds of women that wrap their hair at night.

BBTT: The Bible says that a noble woman attends to the affairs of her household. Her children and husband rise and called her blessed. The Good book speaks of women and their value often. Why would your children and grandchildren call you the Mom/Grand mom MVP?

KW: I have always let my children and grandchildren know that I am available to love and attend to their needs, but that “Nana” has a business that needs her attention too! I believe this inspires them and has taught them that parameters must be set on all things…even Nana’s time. My 6 year old grandson was so inspired when he attended an event where I was a vendor; he told his parents that He wanted to sell hats and even created a web site name for his company!

BBTT: What advice would you give to mothers with ideas for a business who are hesitant to begin?

KW: Do your homework? Investigate the business through research; speak with other business owners in the same field. Look at what the future would be like if you added this to your daily repertoire of family and lifestyle. If you are committed and feel that this is where God is leading you for your life…take the leap of faith and allow God to order your steps. Understand this ….”you’’ have to work HARD…but if God has led you on this path, He will guide you.

BBTT: If you could nominate one mother as a Mom, MVP who would it be?

KW: Ekene Onu; she is a great inspiration as a business women and a Mother!