You know there has to be more to life. But you are unsure of how to create the life you crave.

I understand because I once struggled to reconcile my reality with the life of my dreams. I was working a job I hated with people that hated me, and the feeling was mutual. I found it difficult to incorporate quality mommy and me time into each day and that worried me. Then came the day when a butterfly landed on my hand as I watched my daughters playing in the park.

Does one ever really encounter a butterfly and leave unchanged? I don’t think so. When we handle butterflies, it is changed and we are too. We are left with just a little of its beautiful fairy dust to brighten our lives. The butterfly leaves the encounter with a little less fairy dust.

year of butterfly, 2016

I have learned lessons from the life of the butterfly and applied those lessons to my life. I became a better mother, daughter, sister and friend. I became a better person because I took the time to assess the circumstances that led to my unhappiness. With those results I began to craft the life I deserved. I have gathered those lessons into an interactive workbook. There are actionable steps that will guide you into designing your best life.

As mothers we are wired to provide for our loved ones. Many times we neglect the person they depend on the most. Ourselves. You cannot  pour from an empty cup. Won’t you join me in making 2016 YOUR year of the butterfly?

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