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Advance praise for Nappy and the first day of kindergarten….

“Arnitris really did it with this one! Nappy provides a character that is relevant to all children, especially underserved children of color who oftentimes struggle to find images of themselves in quality children’s literature. Through her creativity and literary brilliance, Arnitris uses Nappy to teach character and life lessons that will assist parents and caregivers in the rearing of this generation’s kids!” – D. Carpenter, Ed.D.

This  is a heartwarming tale of a little girl who has realistic exchanges with family members as she nervously prepares for her first day of school. Nappy’s fear and concern for trying something new is soon overtaken by care and concern for another… a true life lesson! Showing kindness and concern for others can minimize our own personal trauma and can cause us to walk boldly into new phases of our own lives. This book deserves a place in every home as positive reinforcement to children who are facing new and sometimes “scary” challenges. – D. Walker-Little, former educator, Executive Director Interfaith Outreach Home

“Parents, educators and mentors should take the time to read this riveting book to their young children.  It is rare that one finds a book that is relatable to children, with images that capture the words so well.  The writer and illustrator have both done an outstanding job conveying the importance of embracing the “hair you have” With all of the racial differences and personal rejection in America today, self-image is important. The book evokes emotions of joy, happiness and laughter. Be you no matter what people say and embrace your nappy!” – M. Reneau,  President, Journey Mosaic, Inc.