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Blessed be the tie is dedicated to creating, inspiring & providing signature mommy and me experiences for busy working moms. For years, Arnitris focused on providing for her children and neglected to adequately give them the most precious of gifts- her time. She envied mothers who seemed to have found the secret to building authentic relationships with their children. She was working on a job she hated with people who hated her- and the feeling was mutual. She knew there had to be more to life. But she wasn’t sure how to get it.

When she began to notice the symptoms of the broken relationship with her own mother mirrored in the interactions with her own daughters she decided to take action. She realizes that the relationship a child has with its mother is the foundation upon which all other relationships will be built. She committed herself to repairing what was left of that relationship and embarked upon a journey of self-discovery. The process has enabled Arnitris to emerge from her cocoon to create and cultivate authentic bonds with her children, family, friends, strangers and her mother.

Arnitris shares the steps she has taken to begin to create the life she desires in the e-book, Make 2016 your year of the butterfly available for download for FREE on this site.

She is also the author of Nappy and the first day of kindergarten, the first in a series of children’s book available on Amazon and this site now. She is busy penning a Christian fiction novel  and anthology of poetry set for release in the Spring  & Fall of 2016.  Arnitris has recently founded the Southern Blogger Impact Awards to highlight bloggers in the Southern region who are using their platforms to uplift, inspire and impact the world around them. Southern Impact Magazine is an extension of The Southern Blogger Impact Awards, of which she is the Editor-in-Chief.  She is a busy working mom who is also pursuing a degree in Marketing, and channels her creative marketing genius as co-owner of boutique branding agency A Strong Visual. She is sure to always schedule quality mommy and me time into each day.

All work and no play would make Arnitris a dull girl, right?   When she isn’t writing you can find her where creative adults are assembled and live music is being played while also rocking a pair of  fierce heels! Want to connect with Arnitris? Email her at Follow her day to day activities on Facebook at Blessed be the tie & Instagram @arntrs77 and Twitter @arntrs77.