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Ready To Love Again?

· It May Be Closer Than You Think ·

February 8, 2018 1 Comments

Loving again after heartbreak is no easy feat. There are several steps we can take to make it easier though.

Preparing your heart and mind to love again after you have been hurt is no easy feat. It is important to take some time to learn the lessons your last relationship was meant to teach and apply those lessons moving forward. As hard as it may seem, we must also be careful to acknowledge our responsibility for our heartbreak. Sometimes, that means that we have to listen to that small voice inside (intuition) that warns us of danger sooner. Sometimes, it means paying attention to the actions of our partners and not just listening to their words. We just celebrated Valentine’s Day, so the emphasis is really on love all month. If you are ready to love again, it may be closer than you think! Read on for some tips on making the transition easy.


Love Again by Loving Yourself

Loving ourselves is sometimes easier said than done. While we may think we are showing love, do our actions really reflect that? What are we telling ourselves when we look into the mirror? What do our food choices say about the way we feel about ourselves? What about our exercise regimen? What does the way our friends talk to us say about our relationship with self? When we truly love ourselves, we only hold space for the people, places and things that encourage, empower and uplift us. It is important to note how we feel when we engage in certain activities or hang around certain people. If you are left feeling depleted afterward, maybe it is time to re-evaluate those relationships.

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Love Again by Forgiving Yourself

Remember that you are human, that means that you will make mistake. It doesn’t matter how good your intentions are, at some point, you will let someone down, you will forget a birthday or appointment. When this happens apologize and move forward. Instead of focusing on the mistake, find the lesson and apply it moving forward. Look for the patterns and make the necessary adjustments so that you aren’t repeating the same mistakes over and over.


Love Again by Setting Your Intentions

You are ready to love again, but how will you recognize love when it arrives? Take some time to get clear on what love feels like for you. What types of activities will you enjoy with your new love? Where will you go? What will you talk about?  Close your eyes, enjoy the moment and visualize the feeling. Hold on to that feeling and remember it when you encounter someone new. Pay attention to how you are feeling, if it doesn’t match the feeling in your visualization, it isn’t the real thing.


Love Again by Having Fun

Many of us are longing to be married again. You will notice that many women are lamenting over their Boaz. Where is my Boaz? When will he find me? When I ask these same women what activities they are enjoying most say that they aren’t venturing outside of their comfort zones much. Other than the weekly church services, and work they aren’t getting out at all. If you aren’t getting out of the house and having fun, exactly where are you going to meet your Boaz? While it is entirely possible for him to knock on your door and deliver your mail, it is highly unlikely. Your future husband should find you living your best life, having fun and enjoying the moments. You may just find that when you are no longer stressing over when he will find you, he does- or better yet that he was right there all along.

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Love Again by Surrounding Yourself with Friends

I have found that sometimes the largest deterrent to finding true love are those closest to us- our friends. Listening to bad advice has kept more women in dead-end relationships than I care to count. When I began this journey of intentional dating, I shared with some friends the lessons that I’d learned from past relationships. While discussing a particularly difficult situation with a friend, she shared that she’d never liked my ex. I found that hard to believe because she always encouraged me to try to make the relationship work. I am sure my friend wasn’t intentionally being mean, but it made me think about the times I didn’t follow my intuition about a situation.  Surround yourself with real friends who will tell you the harsh truth, even when it is difficult to hear.

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Love Again by Enlisting Help

Once you have forgiven yourself, learned the lessons and are comfortable enjoying your own company, it is now time to enlist the help of those closest to you. Share with your closest friends that you are ready to start dating again. They just may know someone who could be a good match for you. If your friends don’t know anyone, they are sure to know the hot spots around the city to meet single men.

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    February 23, 2018

    It’s been two years since my husband passed and I am still not ready for love. I suppose one day it will happen.